In addition to providing complete relaxation, it relieves muscle and joint pain. It helps with spinal disorders and improves the functioning of the immune system.

Infrared sauna

Infrared rays penetrate our skin and reach deeper tissues. In the affected tissues, the efficiency of cellular respiration improves and metabolism accelerates. In addition to all this, they also help collagen production.

Parajd Salt Wall

The composition of Parajd salt is 97% sodium chloride, 3% other minerals (84 types), and trace elements, which are essential for the human body. Its beneficial effect also helps to eliminate possible inflammations.

Wine cellar

Who wouldn't want to spend some time with a real, good Italian Prosecco in a pleasant atmosphere and environment? The answer to this is clear. This is also possible with us!

Price list


For 2 people, from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning

HUF 70 000 Ft /night


For 4 people, from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning

HUF 80 000 Ft /night


For 2 people, from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning

HUF 80 000 Ft /night


For 4 people, from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning

HUF 90 000 Ft /night

Booking one night at a special price

For 2 people, from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning

HUF 100 000 Ft /night

Booking one night at a special price

For 4 people, from Sunday afternoon to Friday morning

HUF 110 000 Ft /night

What do our prices include?

Exclusive use of the cellar.

Unlimited use of the wellness department.

Fully equipped kitchen with baking and cooking facilities.

Coffee and tea making, as well as original Italian olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Bed linen, towels, robe, indoor slippers.


Online booking

Prime time range


2023.04.07.-2022.04.10. Easter

2023.04.28.-2023.05.01. Május 01. (long weekend)

2023.05.26.-2023.05.29. Pentecost

2023.10.20.-2023.10.23. Október 23. (long weekend)

2023.12.22.-2024.01.02. Christmas and New Year's Eve

Our prices are in HUF and include VAT. The house can be booked for 4 adults, for a minimum of 2 nights. We can accommodate an extra 2 people on a sofa bed for an extra charge.

Accommodation for an extra person is HUF 10,000/night.

(For children, the surcharge is as follows: HUF 0 for ages 0-3, HUF 5,000/night for ages 3-14)

The price includes the exclusive use of the house and its area, bed linen, robes and towels, unlimited use of the wellness area, coffee capsules, and various teas. It includes the tourist tax and the cost of cleaning.

In the event of a successful booking, we will notify you by email of further details.

Booking and cancellation conditions:

The first condition of the reservation is the payment of the reservation, which is 50% of the total cost of the stay, the provision of personal data necessary for the reservation, and consent to the processing of personal data.

By sending a reservation, the policies and house rules are automatically accepted.

In case of cancellation, if the reservation is canceled within 14 days before the day of arrival, a penalty of 100% is payable.

It is possible to change the date without extra charge up to 7 days before arrival.

The house can be occupied from 2 p.m. on the day of arrival, and we ask you to leave it by 10 a.m. on the day of departure.

House rules

Dear guests!

Thank you for choosing our La Cantina guest house as your place of relaxation and rest!

Please note that by sending and finalizing the reservation, the policies and house rules are automatically acknowledged and accepted!

Only registered guests can stay in the guest house. We ask our guests not to receive visitors!

Our guests receive the house clean, after deep cleaning and sterilization. When leaving, please return the house in the same condition as it was received.

Please take care of the furnishings and furniture. Any kind of vandalism entails financial responsibility!

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. It is FORBIDDEN in the house and FIRE-hazardous on the premises. The old oven in the kitchen is part of the preservation of value, it cannot be used!

The management of the jacuzzi and sauna is the responsibility of our guests, for which we provide instructions for use.

Please strictly observe the fire safety regulations! Do not leave burning candles, charging cables plugged in, or food being prepared in the kitchen unattended.

If you leave the guest house, please return the keys to the key safe.

When leaving, please close the windows and the front door, please leave the interior doors in the house (except for the cellar door) open for the ventilation system to function.

Our guests are financially responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the courtyard, guest house, equipment, and household appliances, as well as violations of house rules. Damages will be settled on-site, before departure.

We take no responsibility for valuables left in the guest house, in the yard, or in the car, for any damages or accidents!

In order to protect the house, the front garden and the parking lot are monitored and recorded by a camera.