From cellar to accommodation?

From the first steps to the finished beauty

How does the history of our guest house begin?

It's really simple!

We tried to figure out, how to create something new, unique, something that doesn't exist yet, that attracts people so that they can be a part of it!

And then we found a wine cellar in Demjén...

In just one short year, we reached the end of our adventurous journey. After a lot of planning and work, our guest house was born, and with it, we were able to introduce a dash of the atmosphere of an Italian old town into the Hungarian mountains.

We started from a 16-meter-long, cellar with two paths, carved into the tufa. We were enchanted by the dazzling colors of the tufa, and its patterns, formed over the centuries. We have tried to preserve these features in most places so that our guests can also admire them during their stay.

In May, we visited Italy, in Matera (in the old town). We gathered inspiration, and practices, on how the houses were designed there, which were also carved into the mountains. We saw a lot of practical and eye-catching solutions, all of which we documented so that we could use them at home in our cellar in Demén.

We built in the vestibule of the basement and created a huge arch from the two small windows to ensure the natural light could reach as far as possible. We tried to preserve all the values ​​that nature and time have given, so we also kept the huge stone wall that forms the front of the cellar in its original condition, it only received a good thorough cleaning.

For now, the interiors were nicely done. Whatever obstacles came up, we found a solution for everything. The implementation part of the project was in the hands of professionals, no matter what we came up with, they did not know the impossible and realized our ideas. 

The basement itself was large from the beginning, but after the addition, we had a total of 140 square meters at our disposal. So we created 2 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a wellness area, a kitchen, a wine cellar, and a living-dining room.

I think the pictures speak for themselves, that significant changes have taken place over the past short year. The most important thing was to keep the beauty of TUFA visible in as many places as possible. Thus, in the bedrooms, we routed the wires necessary for the electricity in copper pipes and used switches and connectors made of beautiful copper and porcelain. In the bathrooms, we tiled only as much as was absolutely necessary.

We had to look into many technical details and implementations and think it over several times, everything is correct and well executed.

In the end, everything came together, and according to our ideas (perhaps even a little exceeding them), it turned out to be a really luxurious, eye-catching cozy little place.

(More pictures can be found in the gallery)

We will also prepare a book for our guests, in which we will show you how the end result was created, selected from the pictures created during the renovation.