House rules

Dear guests!

Thank you for choosing our La Cantina guest house as your place of relaxation and rest!

Please note that by sending and finalizing the reservation, the policies and house rules are automatically acknowledged and accepted!

Only registered guests can stay in the guest house. We ask our guests not to receive visitors!

Our guests receive the house clean, after deep cleaning and sterilization. When leaving, please return the house in the same condition as it was received.

Please take care of the furnishings and furniture. Any kind of vandalism entails financial responsibility!

Smoking is only allowed in designated areas. It is FORBIDDEN in the house and FIRE-hazardous on the premises. The old oven in the kitchen is part of the preservation of value, it cannot be used!

The management of the jacuzzi and sauna is the responsibility of our guests, for which we provide instructions for use.

Please strictly observe the fire safety regulations! Do not leave burning candles, charging cables plugged in, or food being prepared in the kitchen unattended.

If you leave the guest house, please return the keys to the key safe.

When leaving, please close the windows and the front door, please leave the interior doors in the house (except for the cellar door) open for the ventilation system to function.

Our guests are financially responsible for damages resulting from improper use of the courtyard, guest house, equipment, and household appliances, as well as violations of house rules. Damages will be settled on-site, before departure.

We take no responsibility for valuables left in the guest house, in the yard, or in the car, for any damages or accidents!

In order to protect the house, the front garden and the parking lot are monitored and recorded by a camera.