La Cantina

A touch of Matera, Italy

The intoxicating meeting of comfort and luxury in a special place

Why La Cantina?

What does this name mean, what can it offer?

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La Cantina

CELLAR in English, isn't it so original right? The Italian term suits her much better!

Why is it so special?

The foundation of our guest house is a cellar dug into the tufa, which we beautified and beautified until the right environment was born. We demolished, carved, and built, which can only happen during construction, and this "little" wonderland was born in just one year.

Well, the small one is only in quotation marks, since we are talking about a floor area of ​​140 square meters.

2 bedrooms with private bathrooms, a huge wellness area, a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living room and dining room.

Two bedrooms

Wellness area

Wine cellar

Living room and dining room

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La Cantina
Demjén, Bem József street